Thursday, December 16, 2010


A terrible car crash which shouldn’t have seen a survivor actually had none other than the sister of leading Hollywood star Danial Day Lewis cheat it. Tamasin Day Lewis who is a documentary film maker cheated death big time even as she was driving the car on a chilly and icy road not far away from her home in West England.

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Little did she know even as blissfully enjoying the winter breeze and scenery, that she would soon be having a near hit appointment with death itself.
Her car suddenly went berserk and out of control even as skidding and flipping literally onto its roof before it landed upside down in a ditch.

The woman came out of the car magically with not the slightest hint of deep injury but mere bruised back. The fifty seven year old for once is feeling lucky and at once amazed no ends. She had to force her way out of the vehicle which is very badly damaged.

So much so that the passenger side of the vehicle is unimaginably crushed. Now this is again scary and a matter of wonder for her as she was doing no more then thirty miles per hour. All the lady did was tried to steer away from another car coming in from the opposite side. What happened next is what Tamasin considers nothing short of a miracle.

She is in the mean time also a famous chef on United Kingdom channel “The Good Food Network”. For once the near brush with death has given her some food for thought, albeit about life and death and the worth of it, which is.


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