Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mrs Dibben had borrowed a rental car via Opodo which is a leading pan European travel reservation website. She collected the vehicle from Cork airport in the Republic of Ireland.

The lady, being smart that she is, did go on to get insurance on the car along with the capacity to cover for in case of damage. She got the vehicle from Sixt Car Rental agency. All went well even as she had a smooth ride courtesy the company which provided her with the vehicle. None the less, problems ensued while she was returning the car back to the agency.

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She insisted on the agency people to check the vehicle while returning it back to them. They lazily ignored and refused to do so. But little did Mrs. Dibben know of the surprise which was in the waiting for her. Her NatWest credit card saw being charged a massive sum of £97.

None the less Mrs Dibbon had on her way beck removed pictures of the car even as it was untouched by any damage or so. now they wouldn’t even accept these photos as proof stating the date and time as the photo was removed on didn’t appear in the email version o the pictures as sent to them.

While Opodo is supportive of her but then that isn’t proving to be helpful either. They are recommending she go to the court of law. Now the scene was the same with Sixth. But as a pleasant surprise NatWest agreed to pay her back the £97 trusting her claims to be honest.

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